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Two pieces of feedback

Dear Team,

thank you very much for your kindness and hospitality. We were treated extremely nicely and informed about the products in detail. I would like to share some feedback regarding two points: First, we wanted to sit outside where there were many empty tables. However, we were told that the tables outside were too small for the Afternoon tea. When were shown our table inside, it was exactly the same size with the one outside- only with table cloth. We would have been happier if we could sit outside with fresh air because it was very small and hot inside. We wanted to finish our food as soon as possible and go back to fresh air. The second point is about the tea. There is a lot of food served at the Afternoon Tea but the tea itself is too little to eat this amount of food. Our tea was over after three half cups. I wanted to have more tea but then did not want to pay another 12 euro on top of two Afternoon Tea. So we were left without tea but some scones and sweets. Sad! One final point is about the price. My message will probably not change your pricing policy but please accept it as a piece of feedback: we found it too much for the Afternoon Tea. I would recommend cake and tea to a friend but not the afternoon tea, especially with just one Teekanne. Perhaps you can offer a big Teekanne for each person, rather than sharing one together. Thank you again for your politeness. Your team could be the kindest people ever. Kind regards, Hale

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