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Bad service

We ordered with my friend cakes and coffee .specifically two cappuccinos .when they came . It was just coffee and milk from the bottle . And I told the waiter this doesn’t look like cappuccino. And he just took them , didn’t say we are sorry or something. Then they came s bit letter and I found a hair in the coffee. Again I asked the waiter and he just took them, clearly annoyed. Then I asked that we have also ordered water , and he told me „you know some things take time „. We were looking at each other with my friend and we’re like , did he just say that ? Again no sorry. The one of the cakes we ordered never came , and so e cancelled the order.
When you make a mistake , first of all say we are very sorry , and give the customer a free coffee , it doesn’t cost you a lot and it will make the customer respect that and come again

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